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Capturing the light Henry brings to my life

This past year life as a second time mum has been everything I expected and more. It’s certainly not without its challenges, and it’s certainly not without its stresses, but in a lot of ways there have been far more highs than the first year I experienced with Louis. I guess I’m more climatized to ‘mum-life’ – the early starts, the broken sleep, the constant guilt, the self doubt, the tears and tantrums, and sadly that doesn’t disappear second time around does it?! However I’ve had Louis with us, a shining example that everything really is ‘a phase’!

Photograph – Katie Lister

So much has changed during the four year age gap between my boys, I’ve changed so much too. Along with my heart, my confidence has grown, our house has become more crowded, new friends we’ve met along the way,  and yet what I hadn’t expected was how quickly I would find myself slipping back in to being the ‘baby mama’ I was before. We go to the same classes, I follow a similar baby routine as to the one I did with Louis and I find myself talking in the same baby terms and cues with him. There are moments when I hold Henry in my arms and I could be holding his brother.

Where Louis was a terrible feeder, we didn’t get on with breastfeeding, he was slow on the bottle, difficult to wean, slow to eat (still is) – Henry has been a champion on the boob, bottle and spoon – he loves his food. Where Louis was a dream to sleep train and went through the night at 14 weeks, Henry laughed in the face sleep, and it took us nine months for a consistent full nights sleep. Louis never crawled, Henry is all over the place the minute you put him down – they look alike but are just so different in so many ways.


It’s been so hard dividing my time between the two boys, but I’ve made so much effort to attend loads of baby classes with Henry. Those 30 minute sessions, where I’m not thinking about the housework or looking at my phone – just giving him my undivided attention. It’s been such a special bond.

After that first 3 months, the 4th trimester they call it, I felt like a cloud had lifted. I could slowly feel the worries and anxieties start to slip away and in replace my confidence as a mother of two start to grow. It was like I was finally able to say to myself, “Sarah, you’ve got this!”

I wanted some special photos to document this past year with Henry; to celebrate all that we’ve been through together and all that we’ve achieved. I’ve been documenting Henry each month on Instagram with the hashtag #Sarahsboysinbloom – a nod to my love of flowers in photography, but it’s just not the same as a professional is it?! Just having someone who knows what they’re doing with the camera and able to capture in the best light and setting. I was so thrilled that family photographer Katie Lister was able to help!


I have illustrated this post with shots taken from a 25 minute mini family photoshoot with Katie that look place in Walton On Thames where I live, in front of the most beautiful blossom tree. Katie sourced the location for the shoot and just suggested I enjoyed cuddles with Henry while she snapped away. She made me feel so at ease with the lens and Henry just loved laughing along. There is just no way my husband and I could have captured photos anywhere near as stunning as these on our own.


I am so happy with these photos, they are beyond special, Katie has managed to literally capture the light that Henry brings to my life. Beautiful photographs to mark what has been one of the most amazing years. Thank you, thank you!

“Katie has managed to literally capture the light Henry brings to my life” 

Katie is a wonderful family photographer, based in Surrey, sessions with Katie normally last from 1-2 hours in a beautiful outdoor location or in the family’s home. I loved looking through her archive of all the relaxed and natural photographs of families she’s photographed playing together and having fun.

I’ve now got to start thinking about his first birthday! How has that come around so quick?

Thanks for reading
Sarah x

This photoshoot was kindly gifted to me by Katie Lister in return for a review – for more information on Katie Lister and to book her for a family shoot or special occasion click here.


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