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Forget the cost of a winter long haul holiday – this is Surrey’s latest hot spot!

‘Sunlight Therapy’, have you heard about this? Probably not… but you’ve heard of S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Dissorder) right? The % of those actually suffering from it in the UK are said to be low, at around 7%, but most people you speak to would say their mood is massively impacted by the lack of sunlight us Brits receive. However, what about those actually receiving treatment for the lack of sunshine? Not that uncommon when you think about it, we all know someone partial to the odd sun bed, the rich and famous jet off to the Caribbean straight after Christmas, and there’s nothing like a walk on a sunny winters day to blow out the cobwebs. But did you know there’s now a new trend in treatments set to sweep across the UK, which won’t cost you nearly a fraction of the price of a luxury long-haul holiday, it won’t damage your skin and better still, could be just around the corner from you. Sounds too good to be true right?


Picture this – it’s 4pm, the babysitter (by way of my mum) has just arrived, the kids are ratty, the dinner is in the process of being cooked, I’m shattered because my 9 month old baby hasn’t slept through the night in what feels like 9 months, I’m full of cold, an after school event, which I completely forgot about, my 4yr old hasn’t, and he’s crying/having a breakdown, he wants to go and we have no time for it. I on the other hand have now less than an hour to get Louis to this (unplanned for) reading event, finish cooking dinner, serve dinner, do something about the state of my hair from the rain today and get a bag together that doesn’t contain nappies, wipes and bottles of milk, because on THIS rare night, I’m going out.  I’ve been invited to sample the new Sunlight Therapy Room at Brooklands Hotel and there is NO WAY, not even Louis’ school teacher and her powerpoint presentation on phonics, are going to stop me getting out that door at 5.25pm when my friend picks me up, nothing! If ever this sounded more appealing it was this night.

SONL8389 resize

The invitation was to local bloggers, a treat for Surrey Mummy’s to enjoy a night off and get out of the bedtime routine, I’ve never RSVP’d ‘yes’ to anything quicker in my life. After ranting for the whole 20 minute drive with my friends, we arrive at Brooklands Hotel and head straight up to the Spa. I can feel the stresses of my day drift away the minute I’m hit by the sweet smell of lavender and jasmine, a plate of smoked salmon canapés and the words “would you like a glass of prosecco?” (do you need to know what the answer to that was?).

We are met by the team at Brooklands, and the hotel manager who tells us the history of the Sunlight Therapy Room, and interestingly how the Hotel are the first in the UK to install one. I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t paying a great deal of attention, he had me at Sunlight and Therapy – however, it is interesting, it was discovered by Volvo and in one of their Car Garages, but first take me there. NOW.

Surrey Mummy’s Night Off. Photo: @Surrey_Mama

We’re taken to the ladies changing room, there are 7 of us ladies on the Press Trip and I have never seen 7 ladies move quicker to change, robe and move towards the treatment room. Actually that’s a lie, I take my baby swimming to the public swimming bath every week, and if you’ve ever put yourself through that ‘joyous’ experience, you’ll have never wanted to leave anywhere quicker! But this, in comparison was the start of the holiday we all felt we needed.

4I7A1904 resize
The refreshment area in the Treatment Room
4I7A1952 resize
Loungers await you

In we go to the Sunlight Therapy Room, on the wall is a temperature gauge and we can see that today our destination has been set to ‘Mauritius’. A cocktail bar is in front of us and the room host hands us a pair of sunglasses. As we walk towards our lounger, which is draped in a fluffy white towel, and a stack of magazines to choose from, we are met with what looks like the Indian Ocean in the midday sun. Heaven, I’ve found you.

Photo credit: @surrey_mama

We take our seats and the lights are put on. We’re informed that just 20 mins a day is all we need in regular sunlight to feel the sun’s health benefits, and at Brooklands Hotel, they offer 25 minute bookable sessions in the room. Away from the stress of the bedtime routine going on in my house at home (sorry Mum), I’m lying on a lounger surrounded by friends, by (what feels like) the Indian Ocean. The Sunlight Therapy Room uses 100% safe ‘sunlight simulators’ to fully replicate natural sunlight, so you don’t need suncream, as the lights use reduced UVA and UVB, reducing the risk of skin damage. Sun loungers, soft towels, cocktail menu, stack of magazines and relaxing music. Bliss!

The Roof top Hot Tub Photo: @Surrey_Mama

After our cocktails and 25 minute treatment, which we spent the whole time giddy with excitement (nothing to do with the mojitos), we decide to explore the spa facilities further and find ourselves in the outdoor Swiss-like roof top hot tub, that overlooks the historic racetrack. And there may have been another round of cocktails ordered, well when in Mauritius… I mean Surrey, sorry forgot where I was there for a minute!

7.59pm, leaving it right until the very last minute, the staff practically drag us from the hot tub, where we’ve been giggling and sharing motherhood woes and it’s back to the changing room and back to reality. Cocktails, giggles, sunlight and good friends – now how does that sound for a therapy session? Just what the Dr ordered.

Although I was kindly gifted the spa experience, a half BSpa Day pass (from 09:00-14:00 or 15:00-20:00) starts at just £25 per person, which include use of the facilities, not treatments, and I’m told it’s essential to reserve a time in the Sunlight Therapy Room. You can find out more and book here.

Brooklands Hotel, I’ll be back!

Sarah xx

About Brooklands Hotel
With the backdrop of Brooklands Racecourse set between the floor to ceiling glass windows, the hotel boasts beautiful 1920s and 30s decor, in-keeping with Weybridges’ iconic heritage from the golden era. The hotel offers an award winning fine dining grill menu, at the 1907 restaurant, along with luxurious bedrooms, for those making an overnight stay of it.

The treatment room is included in guests’ overnight stay, as well as those on day spa packages, booking essential. Spa Breaks start at £25 for a half day.
For more information visit

[Ad: Hosted] The spa evening was gifted to me in return for posts on social media, the blog review was my choice. Photos are a mix of own, bloggers credited and hotel’s press shot.

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