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3 Minute Make Up Routine

Everyday since having Henry (well nearly), I’ve found a few minutes in the morning to apply a little make up. To some that sounds ridiculous, and I get that – it’s a more mins in bed or cuddling, right? But it’s just a few minutes that make me feel a little more me. Think of it like face armour, if I can feel more positive about the way I’m looking, then I act more positive too.

I love make up, but I’m on borrowed time these days. I have no advice about application or what’s best for your skin, but I have perfected a little bag of tricks, full of Mum-makeup hacks. All products are super quick to apply, save trips to the beauty counter and don’t cost the earth to buy. So whether like me and a (clingy) newborn mum, searching for a short cut, or perhaps you’re returning to work and need a quick make up routine for the train or office loos (come on we’ve all done it), here’s a few tried and tested products that help save time and don’t cost the earth.

Fancy a look in my bag… well here it is!


 The base

After showering I apply eye cream and a thick moisturiser and let it dry. At the moment I’m using Olay Regenerist (£20), which has an SPF30 rating, perfect during this past summer heat wave! Once dressed and moisturiser has dried I use a light coat of Rimmel Wake Up Foundation (£8.99), it’s really light and blends on well over the moisturiser. On days I’m really not able to put Henry down, it’s super hot or not going out I’ll just use a tinted moisturiser. My favourite is Nivea Daily Essentials (£3.65), in Natural, both these products are SPF15. If I feel I need a bit of extra coverage, which is most days at the moment, I’ll use a pressed powder which also helps remove some of the shine. Currently my go to is Max Factor Creme Puff in Nouveau Beige pictured above (£6.99).

My Eyes

I love doing eye make up, but at the moment it’s taken a back seat. I always start by applying a coating of eyebrow gel to my brows to give a thicker, darker look and it takes seconds. I’m currently using Glossier Eyebrow Gel (£14) in brown, which I find as effective and slightly cheaper than my other go to Gimmie Brow Gel by benefit (£20.50) product which I love and easier to get hold of.

Next, if I fancy it I add a touch of colour to my eyelids. I’ve recently discovered eyeshadow crayon sticks, seriously time effective and perfect for blending and building up colour. I usually opt for a double ended colour stick to allow me to choose a different shade or blend. I’m using Max Factor Smokey Eye in Bronze Haze which I’ve struggled to find in store since purchasing earlier this year, but is available on Amazon at £9 ish. There are heaps on the market though and I love them for convenience, speed to apply and don’t dirty your cosmetic bag!


On days where the under eye bags just aren’t budging from under my base I’ll use the famous Yves Saint Laurent Touché Eclat Highlighter (£25) and a touch of Rimmel under eye soft kohl pencil (£2.99) in brown, or No.7 stay perfect eye pencil (£7.50) pictured above. I find Touché Eclat is another product that is best to apply, let dry and then pat and blend in. Some people place under foundation, but I apply over the top for a brighter eye lift.


Mascara for me is a daily must-use to help brighten the eyes and add length to lashes. I’ve tried many mascaras but my absolute fave is They’re Real by benefit in black (£20.50). A slightly lower cost product I’ve used in the past is Rimmel Scandaleyes Reloaded Mascara (£4.99) which seriously adds volume and weight to lashes, but can get clogged up, however for the price it’s a lot less painful to chuck after the recommended 3 months.


Since my uni days I’ve always been loyal to Hoola by benefit (£24.50). It’s my go to blush for sun kissed cheeks and helping me look as if I’ve had a healthy dose of vitamin D! It also lasts absolutely ages, helping to justify the price and applies light, allowing you to build up to desired bronze effect.

Not something I use daily, but I’m also loving the Glossier Haloscope Highlighter (£18). As cheat products go, this highlighter works on eyes, cheeks and lips to help contour and give an added summer dewy look. So it’s great to have your make up bag for applying over your tanned skin or for a more made up look.


I love wearing lipstick, you can’t beat it for an added confidence boost. My absolute fave is MAC’s Girl About Town matte lipstick (£17.50), but at the moment I’m naturally, continuously smothering my boys in kisses, so I’ve opted for a tinted lip balm. A total mum-hack make up product here, both moisturising and with colour my new go to is benefit’s hydrating g Benebalm (£15.50). Lipstick in general is the perfect cheat product for fooling people into thinking you’re made up, even if wearing nothing else!

Well there you have it, my quick daily make up routine and a look at the end result below. I’m always looking for mum hacks and short cuts – if you think I’ve missed any essentials from my Muthahood pouch (pictured above, £12, also doubles up as a clutch), please comment below or drop me a note via my Instagram.

Thanks for reading
Sarah x

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