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H&M new baby edit

I was very excited to see that the new H&M baby collection has just landed online and instore this week. You can’t beat H&M for pricing, style and variety can you, and as the mounting costs of starting up for life with a newborn grow, I don’t see the point on spending a fortune on clothes they’re only in for a matter of weeks. So below are a few of my faves from their new baby SS18 collection. 

I’ve also featured below a handy newborn wardrobe tick list of what I think are probably the wardrobe essentials/basics you need in the first couple of weeks. You’re bound to get a flurry of gifts, but you’ll want to dig out from storage or buy a few special bits you like for those first cuddles. I’ll also feature a blog soon on my ultimate baby list which I used when preparing for Louis, and have updated for this time around.

So whether you’re expecting your first, one of the opposite sex (to your first), or simply fancy a browse at a few new items to see your baby in for their first few months, and why not, then here’s my pic of the gorgeous unisex essentials from H&M. I’ve chosen to feature unisex for ease of this edit, but what does colour matter anyway when they’re this cute!


Jersey baby set £7.99 (0-9m)4-piece cotton set £14.99 Dusky green (0-9m)

4-piece cotton set £14.99 Dusky green (0-9m)

2-pack long-sleeved bodysuits £7.99 White/Stars (0-4yr)

2-pack long-sleeved bodysuits £7.99 Grey marl/Checked (0-4yr)

Textured-knit trousers, £11.99, Grey (also available in blush pink) 0-3yr

Textured-knit trousers, £12.99, Light grey/Spotted (0-3yr)

Velour pyjamas, £7.99, White/Spotted (0-3yr)

yellow suit

Sweatshirt and joggers, £9.99, Mustard yellow/Patterned (0-9m)

2-pack wrapover bodysuits, £7.99, White | 3 pack sleeveless bodysuits (0-4)

Patterned leggings, £8.99, Grey patterned (0-3yr)

Jersey leggings £8.99 Dark grey (0-3)

3-pack socks, £2.99, White | Sweatshirt, £7.99, Grey/Stars (0-3yr) 

Oh  and how about these for amazing value and style

Cotton canvas changing bag, £17.99

Soft slippers, £8.99, Dusky green | Suede slippers, £14.99, Mole

Padded footmuff, £19.99, Dark blue| Fleece sleeping sack, £14.99, Dark grey/Stars

Having picked a few of my faves above from the new collection from H&M, here is my Newborn wardrobe guide for the first few weeks that are useful to have washed and stored away ready for their arrival, you don’t need a lot, you just need quite a few of them! 

Newborn Wardrobe Check List

Feel free to use as a guide and do let me know if find it useful!

Vests: Long sleeved, newborn 6
Long sleeved, 0-3 months 6
Sleeveless/Short sleeved, newborn 6
Sleeveless/Short sleeved, 0-3 months 6
Cardigan/ hoodie:  Newborn 2
0-3 months 2
Sleepsuits/Babygrows: Long sleeved with feet, new born 6
Long sleeved with feet, 0-3 6
Leggings/Joggers Newborn 2
0-3 months 2
Blankets: Swaddle blanket/large muslins such as here 4
Cellular blanket, sized to pram/Moses/crib 2
Christening/Receiving blanket for hospital/early days and special (optional) 1
Sheets Fitted sheets sized to pram/Moses/crib 4
Socks 0-3 months 6
Cotton/Knitted Hats 0-3 months 3
Cotton Mitts 0-3 months 3
Bibs Bandana style (you may wish for plenty if exclusive bottle feeding) 6-12
Muslins More than you think! 12
 Baby Pillow Useful for naps, reduce space in crib, travel
Such as Sleephead / Sleep Positioner
Please do your own research on these!
OTHER Coming home outfit (special baby grow useful for visitors and photos) 1
Feeding support pillow 1
Fleece suit age 0-3 season dependent 1

Happy planning!

Sarah x

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