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2nd Trimester – time to get organised?

This morning as I write this, sat next to a pile of pregnancy books, I’ve just received an update informing me that I’m 24 weeks pregnant. This update comes from the same baby app, that also keeps pestering me to remember to take a ‘bumpie’ of my cantaloupe melon sized baby bump and remember to rest… really helpful stuff right?! Cute, but please can I also programme it to bug my husband to sort out the garage, locate all the baby stuff we bought the first time around, check it all over and then sort out the office-soon-to-be nursery! What this App is not helping me with, is organising this mind field of a to-do list I’ve got going on in my head, all of which keeps being pushed to the bottom of the ‘virtual pile’. I know it’s still early, I know I’ve got “plenty of time”, but where the heck did the last 24 weeks go, because they’re going quicker by the day!

When it comes to baby planning for number 2, well I feel like I’m still planning for my (not so much baby anymore), baby no.1! So far this January I’ve managed to get Louis’ school form in, Saturday clubs sorted for the term and our summer holiday booked.. a relatively productive start to the year I think but I’m procrastinating.

I feel like (touch wood) I’ve finally reached that turning point in my pregnancy, where despite a few braxton hicks, which I didn’t have the first time this early, and occasional evening back pains, I’m feeling ok, a bit like me again. I’m embracing the heavier by day football sized bump I’m carrying, the nausea is gone, I have energy again, I’m less tired and I can now go longer than a couple of hours without feeling so hungry that I might pass out. Perhaps ask me how I’m feeling in a few weeks!

So no excuses now, I feel I need to turn to my attention to my ever growing bump. I know “I have everything”, as friends keep reminding me, but the newborn stage was a good 3 years a go, and well a good 3 years of ‘stuff’ has been piled on top of those newborn boxes in the garage. I know a teddy bear baby grow is as ‘tasteful’ now in 2018 as it was in 2014, but I still can’t help but think I’ll have gone off half of it… and even if I did know where it all was, where am I going to put it all? It’s on list to locate, I’m way too frugal not to!

I’m 100% sure that by now I had a name, Pinterest board-s for every element of Louis’ arrival, including what he was coming home in, and a nursery decorated. Ok this is probably a massive exaggeration, but you see where I’m at… I’ve done none of this. I probably don’t need to, but I want to, being organised keeps me calm.

But I have done more than I think. For one thing, I can shop, and that hasn’t stopped me… Here’s a few recent items I ticked off my list over Christmas:

• we’ve bought Louis a new cabin bed, freeing up the cot bed for our impending arrival. He absolutely loves his new bed from Next and hope he still will for a good few years.

• Christmas encouraged me to choose a new changing bag, which having dropped many hints to the hub, has now moved to the Birthday list! I went for this one, the Jem & Bea ‘Jemima’ in grey.

• a very helpful friend (@surreymama) with the full bugaboo pram collection decided she was fed up with my moans over concerns that my 4yr old bugaboo bee wouldn’t be suitable to carry the weight of a tired after school toddler, newborn, book bag, food shopping, nappy bag (see where I’m going here) and persuaded me to upgrade to the chameleon, which is much better equipped to hold the weight of all the above. I loved the bee with newborn Louis, it suited me perfectly, and still fab today as a stroller, but with a few wears and tares, and with two in toe, I’m pleased I’ve got a more robust model now ready to go.

The bugaboo bee Vs

Bugaboo beeThe chameleon

Bugaboo chameleon • I’ve decided to go for the next to me 3 in 1 SnuzPod bedside crib in white and also plan to buy a Sleepyhead to use inside and downstairs for naps, along with the cosy Moses basket we used with Louis, but carted around the house, up and down our 3 floors. I figure with a toddler to tend to too, having a place for the baby to sleep up and downstairs would be useful. I don’t remember these being around or as well known with Louis, but heard amazing things!

SnuzPod 3 in 1 bedside cribSleepyhead Deluxe• Lastly I’ve booked up my anti-natal classes! Having done NCT 4 years ago, with a fabulous bunch of ladies and made some amazing mummy friends along the way, I’m not too bothered about the full course this time. However I would like to refresh my knowledge on birthing options and practice a few mindful and yoga techniques , so I’m signed up to a 6 week MummyNatal course starting locally by the Nurtured Nest – can’t wait!

So I guess it’s just a case of organising it all now isn’t it. Ant has just about accepted that come May his English heritage themed study, will be no more. Goodbye fern green walls, hello soft grey (I know, so original!). The room has slowly started to be filled with items purchased above and added to the list is the task of boxing up all the books, games and DVDs that we have to accept we no longer have space for. So until that’s sorted it will continue to resemble a dumping ground for things that need to be stored or put away.

Writing this all down has really helped. Do I need to chill? Probably. Still loads of time, but a big part of me feels I need to get cracking. Task for the weekend, get Pinteresting! Perhaps if I had the room ready and space to put it all in that would help calm my mind, that and settling on some name options! Anyone else feel like this with baby no.2 on the way, just generally unorganised?!

Really interested to hear how you felt first or second time around with the mind-field that is planning for a baby. Please comment below or follow me @sarahparkerpics and let me know any tips and advice to help plan.

Thanks for reading

Sarah x

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