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Deck The Halls

Putting up the Christmas Tree has to be one of my most fave Christmas traditions! This year there won’t be mulled wine for me, but we will still all choose the tree together on the second weekend in December, pop on the Christmas music and crack open the festive plonk (for Ant!). Ant’s job is to position the tree, stable it and then add the lights – he then normally sits back and enjoys the booze while I get to work adding the decorations. I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to the tree, and I don’t normally let him get involved in that bit- last year we did it while Louis was having a nap! This year, with no naps anymore, Louis is rightfully going to want to get involved and I think I’ll probably let him… a little.

So this year with a really excited toddler, and knowing I wouldn’t be able to resist my inner Christmas control freak making an appearance I decided to treat Louis to his own version of the perfect tree. So on our week day together we took a trip to Paperchase to make the most of their current, amazingly, brightly coloured tree decorations.
Here’s a look at his little festive shopping haul:

  1. 2ft plastic tree in bright green – £7 (reduced from £10)
  2. 20 bulb multi-coloured cherry lights – £7 (reduced from £10)
  3. Star Tree Topper in gold – £3
  4. Multi shatterproof baubles (25) – £7.50

After tea, we decided to get stuck in, letting Louis choose the music (Disney of course), threading the baubles, untangling the lights and stringing them on the tree

His favourite bit was definitely hanging the baubles on the tree, he choose each branch meticulously (like me!) and then finally placed the star at the top.

I’m really pleased we did it this way – it’s meant he now has his own artificial tree which we can roll out year after year, adding various different character baubles that he collects over time;  it means he gets his own tree in his room to enjoy, and also ensures the focus is solely on him.

As we don’t have a chimney in the house, we’ve decided to start a tradition of leaving the letter under the tree for Father Christmas – and the next day, look who came to stay replacing the letter and leaving snow from his boots…!

Hope you’re enjoying the festivities so far this December!

Sarah x


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