Yay – we survived the 1st Trimester!


If you read my previous post, then you’ll know our journey to expecting this little bump wasn’t that straight forward, for me,. Like I said  in that post, it wasn’t out of the norm, fairly standard in fact, but it took longer than we expected and would have liked – and that was stressful and an anxious time, but it helped remind me just how true it really is, all babies are blessings – and we’re over the moon about growing this one.

Scan Pic - 12 weeks


So we found out we were expecting at 5 weeks – same as with Louis, but with Louis I phoned my best friend almost the minute after I’d peed on the stick, and subsequently felt the need to tell all friends and family that I came in to contact with over the following weeks immediately. By 8 weeks there were very few people who didn’t know, including work, but this time was different, keeping this little blessing a secret just seemed super easy. For a start, I very rarely go out in the evenings, so swerving alcohol was easy (especially when the thought of it makes you feel green), I had sobbed so many frustrated tears on friends that when I stopped talking about it they were too polite to continue asking if I was ok, and well, I was just so busy with work, Louis, home that I just didn’t find it consumed my mind as much as it did with Louis.

However there was another major factor that stopped me from wanting to shout my news from the roof tops – morning sickness! But it’s not morning anything is it, it’s morning, day and night. In addition to constant nausea the tiredness was unbearable, waking up feeling like I’d been out on a heavy girls night out and not being able to shift or shake it off. The strangest of smells  would make me want to heave, Louis had just started pre school and coming home with weird smells of school dinners and new scents on his uniform, all unfamiliar and just stomach turning. And that was another factor, first time around my evenings after work were spent lying on the sofa, eating toast and watching Hollyoaks, but now it’s all about rushing out the office in time for school pick up, cramming in housework, preparing a pre bedtime snack, prepping dinner for Ant and I, bathing, stories, finishing the email I started at my desk before running out the door – and the list goes on. If there’s one thing for sure, this time around has been harder.

When it came to diet – this time it was different too, having experienced little symptoms at all with Louis, to be totally off my food for weeks on end was just annoying! Out were healthy salads and veg, my low carb diet, see ya! Now it was all about beige, beige, plain old dry beige food, if I could even face that. The thought of anything too sweet, salty, spicy or herby – urgh, no way! So for the first time in forever jacket potatoes and pasta were back on the menu, and all Ant’s lovely flavoursome food was off.

Our family holiday to Cyprus coincided  with me turning 12 weeks (I will eventually get around to sharing a post on our holiday as we can’t rate the hotel enough),  if you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen the photos from our hotel. If you’re interested it was Sensatori Aphrodite Hills and I will try and post on it over Xmas, in case you’re thinking of booking a break for next year. However, I digress, it simply was perfect timing, never have I been more ready for holiday. As well as a lot of changes at work and feeling permanently 50 shades of grey (and quite the opposite feelings to the book!), this holiday couldn’t have come at a better time!

For 2 weeks, 2 whole weeks, I didn’t have to think about work (that much!), cooking, housework, home routine, exercise, nothing! Fortunately Louis loved going to the kids club, and that gave me 4 whole hours a day to just, well do nothing but sleep, read and eat carbs. Just what the Dr ordered! I think it’s safe to say we all came back so much better for it.

I’ve tried to keep active in this pregnancy and I want to try and do so for as long as I can. I’m no gym bunny but I’ve been going at least 3 times a week since Louis was 4 months old (and I have a great gym buddy who keeps me on track). My Fitbit prompts me to walk 10,000 steps a day and 6/7 days I manage to achieve this. Let’s see how long this lasts!

I’ve been quite lucky in managing to disguise my bump – smock dresses, loose tops over jeggings and heels, baggy jumpers, shirts have all helped. Let’s face it, my bodycon days are well gone! But now at 16 weeks the maternity jeans are well and truly out and having just had a rifle through the clothes I wore during my pregnancy almost 4 years ago I can safely say they will not be making a reappearance. I’m looking forward to treating myself to a few bits over Xmas and seeing if I can style up this bump, sharing a few of the pics on the ‘gram!

I feel like I’m through the first trimester fog now. Friends have commented on how I’m looking a lot better, perhaps the tan from holiday has helped. I can face broccoli again and last week for the first time I fancied a curry. I’ve started to buy a few bits for bump and baby and been researching the all essential items – like a new baby friendly handbag, obviously! But there were a few bits that have launched the past 4 years that weren’t around when I had Louis, like the ‘next-to-me style cots, portable cushion beds (like Sleepyhead), Bugaboo appear to have suped up their (amazing!) Bee model, with loads of new accessories and this Scandi trend has seriously created some insta friendly nurseries – pinterest at the ready.

So I’m looking forward to the next chapter and hopefully sharing a few maternity fashion and nursery buys with you on here. If you’re due in May ’19 too, please do reach out and say hi, let me know how you’re doing. Thanks for reading and do stop by and follow me @sarahparkerpics on Instagram where I’ll be sharing (probably too many) pregnancy updates.

Sarah x


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