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Prepping For Pre-School

So Louis starts preschool this week! It only seems like yesterday I was feeling all those waves of emotions again… “OMG my baby is getting so big”… “my baby is not so much a baby anymore”, “help, my only-just-turned 3 year old is starting preschool”! Well it pretty much was only yesterday I said all these things (again), because his 3rd Birthday was an only a few weeks a go, and being an August ‘baby’ I guess I’m going to have to get used to the fact that I have to deal with a double blow of emotions every year in short succession – birthday, new school year, birthday, new school year…


Toddler Birthday’s are strange milestones for parents aren’t they? Whilst loving every minute of watching him grow; encouraging hit to hit the next goal post of child development; break all the baby habits etc, at the same time I’m wishing that time would just stand still and keep his little baby-isms forever (an apple will always be a ‘papple’ in our house).

FullSizeRender (5)

Anyway, I digress, prepping for preschool for me has been a bit of a journey. He was actually signed up to our local preschool at 6 months, ready for the September after his 2nd Birthday, but having found a childminder we all love, where he is so happy, in a home from home environment, who we could trust; a warm loving mummy who shared our values, it was all too perfect. As each term approached, I kept getting waves of anxiety, not trusting my decision to move him out of her setting, so I kept deferring his place, finally deciding on the new school term after he turned 3 and was applicable for EYFE hours. And the weird thing was that as every month, week, day that got closer to that last day with her, it seemed easier to get used to, although very sad, it felt like the right thing to do. He was just sort of outgrowing the setting a bit and ready for his next challenge.

So here we are the eve before his first settling in session in morning  where he’ll do a few hours a day this week, until Thursday when he’ll do his first day and then back to Mummy and Louis day on Friday – FriYay!! 

A few weeks a go I was emailed “the manual” from the school… well that was fun bed time reading(!) Having booked our appointment at the local uniform shop and handed over a small fortune for a pile of thick, over sized royal blue monstrosities (poor boy, I guess uniform is designed to not be stylish, right?), I was set upon the challenge of sourcing all the ‘extra uniform items’ that didn’t need need to be branded, but there were still rules, well it is school.

Although we probably had most of the additional items he needed, you only start a new school once don’t you? And with Louis’ Birthday falling in August, a lot of the items doubled up as gifts to unwrap!

So with an excuse to shop here’s a look at the preschool items purchased for Louis: 

Swim Bag – Soft rubber, wolf design, £12.95, Joules
Swim Towel: Zoggs Zoggy Towel, £11.99, Swimbabes 

Swim Costume:  (in school colours) Shorts, £7 | Rash Vest, £10 both Next 

Daily Change & Snack Baghis favorite Cowboy Rucksack, Cath Kids, found here for £13 or alternatives on website here starting at £18


FullSizeRender (3).jpgSnack box and bottle, bought together for around £6 from Sainsbury’s, they’re Sistema
Name Labels: £12.95 for a sheet of 56 with postage from My Name Tags

I’m clearly living up to the Mum stereotype, with an over organsized tupperware draw, in every colour, shape and size. I can’t help it, I grew up in house where we made our packed lunches the morning of school and every day scrabbled around in the world’s most disorganised cupboard of just plastic lids – it still haunts me. I like the Sistema range, they’re slim, compact, versatile and brightly coloured.

The Name Tags I’ve had these since he started at creché from 6m, they survive high temp washes in both the dishwasher and washing machine, reasonably priced and allow you to choose your own style and design. The amount of items I’ve labeled this weekend, I’m sure to be ordering another sheet soon!

In addition we topped up his set school branded uniform (shorts/joggers, jumper and polo shirt) with spare white cotton polos from M&S and black school shoes from Next.  Is it me or are black school shoes just really… ugly? I think we did well here, can’t quite work out why I don’t like boys school shoes, they’re just really chunky and un-fun. 

And although we’re all excited, I’m also facing the rise of Mum-xiety about his new setting… will the new hours work with my commute, will he eat anything offered, what if they don’t ask him if he needs the loo every 2 mins, is he going to come home hungry every night, will he make friends… anyone else have all these thoughts? I guess you can be organised with your uniform list, sending them off all shiny and new looking into the nursery, but once they’re there, well, that’s out of your control.  So, wish me luck, this week’s gonna be an emotional one!

Thanks for reading 
Sarah x





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